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Date: 06-Mar-2023

Location: Noida, India

Company: Iris software

Executive- TA

  1. Handling end-to-end IT recruitment cycle.
  2. Communicating with hiring managers to identify future job openings and the technical requirements for those jobs.
  3. Writing job descriptions and posting to relevant media platforms.
  4. Screening applicants for competency with the job requirements.
  5. Arranging telephone, video, or in-person interviews.
  6. Presenting the resumes of the most suitable candidates to the hiring manager.
  7. Offering job positions and completing the relevant paperwork.
  8. Keeping track of all applicants as well as keeping applicants informed on the application process.
  9. Negotiating offer
  10. Onboarding

Job Summary

Role Based Competencies

Beh - Collaboration
Beh - Client/Stakeholder centricity
Beh - Agility
Beh - Ownership
Beh - Innovation
Beh - Excellence
Beh - Employee empowerment
TAG - Negotiation
TAG - Screening candidates
TAG - Technical recruiting skills
TAG - Sourcing candidates
TAG - Understanding job description
TAG - Communication
TAG - Relationship building
TAG- Meeting targets
TAG - Candidate Engagement

Mandatory Competencies

Good to Have Competencies